Articles scientifiques

Articles scientifiques

Coulibaly K., Gosselin A., Carillon S., Ravalihasy A., Melchior M., Ridde V., Desgrées du Loû A., on Behalf of the MAKASI Study Group, 2022, Is empowerment in sexual health measurable ? A scoping review of definitions and measurement indicators Health Promotion International, Volume 37, Issue 5.

Ravalihasy A., Rude N., Yazdan Y., Kardas-Sloma L., Desgrées du Loû A., Gosselin A., Ridde V., 2021, Development and Validation of an HIV/AIDS Empowerment Scale for Impact Intervention Evaluation. An Example from the MAKASI Intervention. American Journal of Health Education, Volume 52, 2021 - Issue 5.

Gosselin A., Melchior M., Carillon S., Gubert F., Ridde V., Kohou V., Zoumenou I., Senne JN., Desgrées du Loû A., for the MAKASI Study Group, 2021, Deterioration of mental health and insufficient Covid-19 information among disadvantaged immigrants in the greater Paris area,Journal of Psychosomatic Research, Volume 146

Carillon S., Gosselin A., Coulibaly K., Ridde V.n Desgrées du Loû A., for the MAKASI Study Group, 2020, Immigrants facing Covid 19 containment in France : An ordinary hardship of disaffiliation,Journal of Migration and Health, Volumes 1–2, 2020, 100032.

Gosselin A, Coulibaly K, Ravalihasy A on behalf of the MAKASI Study Group, et al. Finding the missing link : when community-based outreach in public space is key to engage migrants in health prevention programmes in Paris, France, J Epidemiol Community Health Published Online First : 29 April 2020. doi : 10.1136/jech-2019-213394

Gosselin, A., Carillon, S., Coulibaly, K., Ridde V., Taeron C., Kohou V., Zoumenou I., Miribindi R., Derche N., Desgrées du Loû A., for the Makasi group, Participatory development and pilot testing of the Makasi intervention : a community-based outreach intervention to improve sub-Saharan and Caribbean immigrants’ empowerment in sexual health. BMC Public Health 19, 1646 doi:10.1186/s12889-019-7943-2

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